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Respironics CPAP & BiPAP In-Line Bacteria / Viral Filter 342077

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Respironics CPAP Bacteria/Viral Filter sold individually, as box of 10, or case of 150.

This filter is used to help alleviate allergy symptoms and deliver the cleanest, freshest air possible. If you suffer from allergies you know that allergies and CPAP or BiPAP machines do not mix well. The bacteria filter cleans the air as it leaves the machine/ water chamber. Using this filter along with the machines filter increases the defense against air pollutants.

When using an auto-titrating machine, it can affect the timing of when the machine would adjust the needed pressure but is not always the case. This should not occur with the majority of the higher end machines available.

This bacteria filter has a universal connection on both ends of the filter container allowing the bacteria filter to work with all brands of CPAP or Bi-Level machines as well as all tubing.

The filter is disposable and should NOT be cleaned. Recommended replacement is monthly just like to machine filter, so change both the bacteria filter and the filter in the back of the machine at the same time. This will ensure the user receives the best quality of air possible. Using a dirty filter, whether bacteria or machine, can cause the machine to work harder to provide the user with positive air pressure. The harder the machine works, the susceptible it is to being damaged. Always keep your filters clean or replace them on a regular basis to reduce the chance of the machine being damaged.

  • Part No: 342077
  • 22mm Male x Female Connector
  • Single-Patient Use Only
  • Disposable
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured in 06/2020
  • Sold as a single filter, box of 10, or case of 150