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Neptune® 2 Specimen Collection 4-Port Manifold 0702-020-001 Case of 20

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Neptune® 2 Waste Management System Disposable Manifolds Specimen Collection 4-Port Manifold

  • REF: 0702-020-001 
  • Date of Manufatuer: 2022/01/19
  • Lot # 01922H


The manifold is a non-sterile, disposable device that provides a fluid path from the suction lines to the rover canister. The manifold is for single patient use only. This Manifold with specimen collection capability has a lid that allows the retrieval of the specimen.

Indications For Use:

The Neptune 2 Waste Management System is intended to be used in the operating room, pathology, surgical centers, and doctor’s offices to collect and dispose of surgical fluid waste.