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Medrad Stellant SDS-CTP-QFT Sterile Disposable Syringe Set Lot of 3

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Medrad SDS-CTP-QFT Stellant Sterile Disposable Syringe

Two 200mL syringes, low-pressure tubing with T-connector, and 1 Quick Fill Tube.

Stellant CT Injection Systems boast a more convenient MEDRAD syringe and disposable set designed to increase throughput and decrease setup time. Advancements like automatic plunger sensing, priming tube to reduce fluid spillage, and non-orientation specific attachment make Stellant easy-to-use in fast-paced CT suites.

2 - 200mlL Syringes
1 - 60" T-Connector and Prime Tube 
1 - Quick Fill Tube

Expiration: 2024/02/22