3M™ Breathe Easy™ PAPR Kit

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This listing is a 3M™ Breathe Easy™ PAPR kit.


  • Belt Mounted Breathe Easy Turbo Unit Part No. 022-00-03
  • Rechargeable 3M Ni-Cad Battery  Model no. 520-01-017
  • 3M Single Unit Battery Charging Station Part No. 520-03-73
  • 3M Breathe Easy Belt Comfort Pad Part No 022-25-06R01
  • 3M Flow Meter Part No 520-01-21
  • 3M PAPR Breathing Tube Assembly Part No 520-03-32R01
  • 3M Replacement Head Covers Part No. 522-02-00R03
  • Sealed 3M Organic Vapor/Chlorine/Hydrogen Chloride/Sulfur Dioxide Filters-EXPIRED in 2009
  • 9 Sealed 3M  Formaldehyde/Chrlorine/Hydrogen Chloride/Sulfur Dioxide Cartridge- EXPIRED in 2009


  • ALL filters are still factory sealed but Expired in 2009.
  • The battery and charged ARE included but not depicted in the pictures.
  • The unit has been powered on by the battery, which was charged with the supplied charger.
  • Comfort Pad is already attached to this PAPR Unit.
  • Flow Meter, Breathing Tube Assembly, & Replacement Head Covers ARE included but not depicted.
  • All items appear to be new & unused.