Lot of 5 Boston Scientific CRE Pro Wireguided Catheter

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This listing is for a lot of 5 with the following expiration dates:
  1. 8/14/24
  2. 12/22/24
  3. 02/05/25
  4. 12/21/24
  5. 10/22/24
CRE PRO, CRE RX, CRE Fixed and CRE wire guided balloon dilatation catheters provide consistent performance for balloon endoscopy for optimal control, efficiency and performance. Both CRE RX biliary and PRO wire guided catheters are indicated for use in the removal of difficult biliary stones (Dilatation Assisted Stone Extraction, DASE). The CRE PRO wire guided balloon dilatation catheter and CRE RX biliary balloon dilatation catheter are CRE balloon dilatation catheters with a streamlined profile for optimal possibility plus embedded platinum iridium RO markers.
More Information
Balloon Diameter 6-7-8 mm
Type Esophageal/Pyloric/Biliary
Balloon Length 5.5 cm
Usage Single-Use
Minimum Working Channel Size 2.8/3.2/3.2 mm
Catheter Size 7.5 Fr
Working Catheter Length 180 cm
Maximum Inflation Pressure 3-6-10 ATM
PN M000558600 (5860)