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Kapi-Gel Tracheostoma Spacer 12 mm LATNG4012 Box of 10 By Atos Medical 06/2025

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                   Listing is for a Box of 10 Kapi-Gel Tracheostoma Spacers
Expiration 2025-6

Kapi Gel® Tracheostoma Spacer is a 43mm Diameter, 12 mm thick circular, tacky, laminated silicone gel spacer. For use with Tracheostomy/Laryngectomy Tubes and Stoma Studs

  • Acts as a cushion behind the Tracheostomy tube flange/neckplate.
  • Due to its transparency, Kapi-Gel is not noticeable around the stoma.
  • Promotes skin care around the stoma and helps reduce soreness around the stoma and tube site.
  • May help to reduce mucus leakage around the Tracheostomy tube.
  • If suitable, Kapi-Gel can remain in place longer than a day. Change as and when necessary to ensure good hygiene.
  • REF: LATNG 4012