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MIRA Safety CM-7M Military CBRN Gas Mask

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 The CM-7M tactical gas mask is

the ultimate chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defense system when used in conjunction with suitable filters or breathing apparatus. The military-grade technology used for this full-face respirator provides comprehensive protection against the full spectrum of CBRN agents and toxic industrial chemicals in the form of gases, vapors, and aerosols.

Key Benefits of the CM-7M Military-grade Gas Mask:

  • Outstanding resistance against all kinds of CBRN agents, industrial toxic gases, riot control gases, etc.
  • High user comfort for superior all-day protection
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Fits up to 2 NATO-standard 40 mm gas mask filters (widely available with a variety of protection levels)
  • Compatible with optical devices (night-vision goggles, etc.)
  • Allows for safe and easy drinking during use in a contaminated area
  • Comes with a pre-installed hydration system and canteen
  • Compatible with CamelBak water bladders with a Type A or M adapter (not included)
  • Sweat drainage through the exhalation chamber
  • Compatible with helmets and breathing apparatuses
  • High-quality speech diaphragm enables easy communication with or without communication devices.
  • Crafted for military and rescue operations, and HAZMAT handling
  • Suitable for industrial or domestic emergency preparedness
  • Use with 40mm NATO gas mask filter or PAPR
  • Serves as the current military issue full-face respirator for the Czech Republic and Latvia


  • Face Piece- Bromobutyl Rubber, Non-Irritating
  • Inner Mask, Other Rubber Components, Natural Rubber, Non-Irritating
  • Visors- Silicate Glass
  • Plastic Components- Polyoximethylen, Polyamide
  • Speech Diaphragm- PET
  • Head Harness- Five-point, Rubber-Textile



  • Average Weight- 500 grams
  • Color- Black
  • Sizes Available- Three
  • Effective Field of Vision- 71.5%
  • Binocular Field of Vision- 34%
  • Filter Connection Thread- Rd 40 x 1/7”
  • Resistance Against Penetration of NBC Agents> 48 hrs
  • Inhalation Resistance at 30L/Min- Max 20 Pa
  • Inhalation Resistance at 95 L/Min- Max 50 Pa
  • Exhalation Resistance at 30L/Min- Max 60 Pa
  • Minimum Intelligibility- 95%
  • Intake of Liquid- 230 ml/min
  • Functional Reliability- 30° Celsius/ 86° Fahrenheit up to +70° Celsius/158° Fahrenheit

 The CM-7M CBRN tactical gas mask was designed and developed in cooperation with Czech Army specialists and specifically developed for use with a wide array of optics for advanced tactical capability.

The CM-7M hazmat mask meets the EN 136 (Class III) and EN 148-1 standards and is available in three sizes, providing a perfect fit for practically any user. A NATO-standard filter canister can be mounted on either (or both) side of the military mask to make it easier to aim a gun whether right- or left-handed.

The material of the face piece (Bromobutyl rubber) on this NATO gas mask provides extraordinary protection against all known chemical warfare agents, along with biological, nuclear, radiological, and industrial chemical agents.

This tactical gas mask is designed to withstand long-term use in any weather conditions. The inner mask features comfortable hypoallergenic construction that reduces the content of carbon dioxide in the mask and regulates the flow of inhaled air to prevent fogging for more comfortable all-day use.

The inhalation chambers on this army gas mask are fitted with the Rd 40 x 1/7” thread in accordance with the EN 148-1 (NATO) standard. This ensures compatibility with the widest range of filters readily available on the market today.

These military-grade gas masks are manufactured under the permanent supervision of a representative of the Czech Ministry of Defense and are trusted by military and police users in a wide variety of countries.

The lenses of the CM-7M warfare mask are specifically crafted to ensure compatibility with all kinds of optical devices while providing a sufficient field of vision. The dual lens configuration provides superior depth perception when compared to a single panoramic faceplate, making it ideal for use with rifle iron sights or in combat.

The CM-7M nuclear gas mask is equipped with a drinking system that enables safe drinking in contaminated areas.  The drinking system is also compatible with CamelBak hydration systems.

Tactical Gas Mask Service Life

The storage and service life of the CM-7M full-face respirator / tactical gas mask is 20 years from the date of production, provided that the recommended storage conditions are observed.


Size 1- 5.19- 5.51 inch (Small)

Size 2- 5.51- 5.82 inch (Medium- Universal, most used)

Size 3- 5.81- 6.14 inch (Large)

To size yourself, it would require a device called a Faciometer, which is not very common. 

Size 2 (Medium) fits 95% of the population, so if you're an average size person, we would suggest Size 2. For smaller than average people who weigh 130lb or less, with thin faces, we would suggest Size 1 (Small). For users over 250 lbs and wide faces, go with a Large.

You will know the size is right if you do a negative pressure test (blocking the inhalation valve and taking a deep breath), and the mask seals tightly to your face. 

Please Note: Filters are NOT included.