SORD 60RD M4 Collapsible Multicam Magazine Pouch

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Listing is for a single SORD 60RD M4 Collapsible Multicam Magazine Pouch

60RD M4 Collapsible is designed to allow the operator to carry two M4 style magazines securely in a pouch as per our classic 60RD Velcro. 

By removing the MOLLE from the side and introducing an elastic band to hold the mags tight, this pouch allows the operator to carry one mag securely in the pouch when the other is removed. The elastic prevents the slapping sound usually associated when carrying a single mag in a double mag pouch.


Great magazine pouch!

29 March 2022
Great pouch for your STANAG magazines. the elastics are tight and the velcro are well-made, so when you put in both magazines or even one, it fits perfectly and tightly. It does take time to get used to inserting both magazines inside the pouch as the elastic itself is very tight to the point where the pouch securely fits one magazine as well. But this also ensures that noise discipline of magazine is covered and it can secure the magazine well.