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MSA Millennium Gas Mask
MSA Millennium Gas Mask
MSA Millennium Gas Mask
MSA Millennium Gas Mask

MSA Millennium Gas Mask

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MSA Millennium gas mask meets or exceeds all performance requirements of the new NIOSH CBRN Standard by effectively removing harmful gases, vapors and particulates so that the user can confidently breathe safely.  The Millennium design is based on a highly successful military gas mask. The wearer enjoys a wide field of view and great flexibility, making it possible to safely perform any tasks required, including firing weapons if needed. The wearer can communicate easily while wearing the Millennium CBRN Gas Mask, too. The mask is lightweight and provides a tight seal on the face. A nose cup is also incorporated for reduced fogging of the face-piece. The material is impermeable to chemical agents such as mustard (HD), providing maximum assurance to the wearer.  Regarding interoperability, the Millennium CBRN Gas Mask is designed as a system and while the thread and gasket are designed to meet the requirements of the standard, only the manufacturers assemblies are tested and certified. The mask also permits hydration once the wearer has moved to an uncontaminated area.

These used masks were police issued turn-ins, which have seen little to no use.  They include the removable clear polycarbonate outsert lens, which is low profile and compatible with riot gear. The outsert lens adds scratch and impact resistance. These masks are only CBRN approved when used with an appropriate CBRN filter. Sizes available are: small, medium, and large. 



  • Canister inlet ports on left or right side enables weapon sighting from either side
  • Six-point head harness means easy donning and adjustment with no hair pulling
  • Super-soft black Hycar rubber exceeds CBRN permeation requirements
  • Flexible, one-piece polyurethane lens eliminates uncomfortable pressure points 
  • Flexible polyurethane wide vision lens bonded to Hycar rubber face-piece
  • Drinking tube connection for fluid ingestion in contaminated atmospheres
  • Internal nose-cup with 2 check valves deflects air from the lens, reduces fogging
  • Standard mechanical speaking diaphragm included, or add an AudioPack Sound System