MSA Millennium Gas Mask 40mm Filter Expiration 09/2021

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The MSA Millennium CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) cartridge meets or exceeds all performance requirements of the new NIOSH CBRN Standard by effectively removing harmful gases, vapors and particulates*. It contains chemical sorbents and P100 filter to attract, retain, and neutralize contaminants.

These filters are still sealed in the manufacturer's mylar bag and inside a box.  They have an expiration of 09/2021


  • Meets NIOSH TC-14G-0270 approval
  • Specifically designed for biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear agents
  • Particulate filter is over 99.99% efficient against all particulates and is appropriate for protection against all biological aerosols
  • Exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and low breathing-resistance
  • Standard 40mm NATO threaded
  • Fits most masks including the MSA Millennium and Advantage 3100 (or the Advantage 1000 and 3200 with an optional 40mm adapter)


*Note: NIOSH Approval is only valid with the CBRN Millennium mask