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The Fox Eye Shield, also known as The Fox screen, is a malleable and light weight perforated metal screen that is frequently placed over an injured or postoperative eye. White Protective Cloth Cover enhances comfort for the wearer.   This listing includes six Fox Eye Shields.

TCCC Guidelines as written for Tactical Field Care, regarding Penetrating Eye Trauma:

If a penetrating eye injury is noted or suspected:
a) Perform a rapid field test of visual acuity.
b) Cover the eye with a rigid eye shield (NOT a pressure patch).


  • Lightweight 1060 aluminum
  • Perforated convex eye shield to accommodate either eye and allow for air circulation
  • Meets CoTCCC treatment protocols for penetrating eye trauma
  • Garter included for patient comfort
  • Dimensions- 5" H x 3" W x .10" D