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3M ESPE MC64 Iso-Form Temporary Molar Temporary Assorted Crown Kit Complete Set

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3M Iso-Form Molar Complete Crown Kit MC-64 

Prefabricated crowns made of tin-silver alloy for short-term adult posterior use. Refills of individual permanent crowns are available in boxes of five.

Set with 64 Crowns, 2 Crowns per size: L-62, L-63, L-64, L-65, L-66, L-67, L-72, L-73, L-74, L-75, L-76, L-77, U-62, U-63, U-64, U-65, U-66, U-67, U-72, U-73, U-74, U-75, U-76, U-77, 1 Crown per size: L-60, L-61, L-68, L-69, L-70, L-71, L-78, L-79, U-60, U-61, U-68, U-69, U-70, U-71, U-78, U-79, 1 Measuring Gage, 1 Strech Block


  • Pre-finished, contoured and belled to save placement time.
  • Soft tin-silver alloy retains shape of preparation and is easily stretched and burnished to fit prep margins.
  • Bicuspid and molar crown selection to cover adult posterior applications.
  • Faster placement than acrylics and chemical resin for single units for a quicker procedure.
  • Crown set is packaged in a unique, stackable tray that provides convenient, easy storage of prefabricated crowns.